BG&E Resources is a multidisciplinary engineering, EPCM and ESG consultancy with a talented team delivering innovative solutions to the Resources, Energy & Industrial sectors.

We offer a range of services to meet your project’s most stringent requirements across the entire lifecycle.

We specialise in providing fit-for-purpose design, engineering, EPCM, ESG advisory and rehabilitation capabilities with experience in mine site infrastructure and process plants, rail systems, bridges, haul roads, ports and marine, NPI facilities, as well as power supply and distribution.

BG&E Resources has an in-depth understanding of the project lifecycle. We assist our clients through all stages of the project’s delivery – from exploration to conceptual design and feasibility studies to detailed design, approvals, construction support and operations, rehabilitation and closure. We also offer Cultural Heritage Management services and facilitate engagement with First Nations’ Traditional Owners (TOs) and Native Title Claimants.

Mechanical Engineering

We provide practical engineering assistance as a result of our many years of involvement in the resources industry. Our team of engineers are proficient in the use of dynamic analysis and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA), on a wide range of small and large projects. We can draw upon our consolidated experience to provide a client focused engineering service based on specific requirements.

Electrical Engineering

We are specialists in the design of electrical, instrumentation and control aspects of mining and resources projects. We have a record of providing solutions that are cost effective and easy to build. Our consolidated experiences draw upon our involvement in numerous projects within the resource industry where we were involved in process plants as well as industrial and commercial buildings.

Structural Engineering

We are a leader in the development of advanced construction techniques in the areas of process plants; industrial buildings and large infrastructure. We have consolidated experience in both traditional and prefabricated construction techniques including heavy lifting of oversized precast structures, temporary works and strengthening of existing structures for construction loading.

Civil Engineering

We offer a full suite of services within the civil engineering sector, including bulk earthworks design, roadwork design, storm water design, utility services design, traffic engineering and contract management. We specialise in the optimisation of bulk earthworks and provide design, documentation and construction support services on all aspects of road infrastructure. We have been significantly involved in numerous mining projects in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia for the development of heavy haulage iron ore railways.

Energy Innovation

We are committed to reducing the impact that mine sites have on the environment while leading the change to power green mining of the future.

Our team provides complete design capability to reduce emissions to clients in the resource and industrial markets, throughout Australia.

Project Delivery

BG&E Resources has significant experience in the management of resources projects; Our service is integrated with the life cycle of the project from planning to delivery; inspection and maintenance. We provide a professional approach to the management of the many risks associated with the implementation of the construction program and we work closely with our Clients to develop solutions that are within the client’s budget and objectives.

Geotechnical Engineering

We offer a full suite of services within the geotechnical engineering sector from onshore and nearshore site investigation through to detailed foundation design. We have a strong focus on getting the geology right with an understanding the basis for geotechnical design needs to be underpinned by an accurate representation of the subsurface profile.

Ports & Marine

We have a deep understanding of the characterisation of marine site conditions for the optimal design of port facilities that minimise construction costs and maximise operability. Our maritime and coastal engineering expertise is balanced with a broad knowledge of mine to port supply chains facilitating fit for purpose technical solutions that meet the Clients functional requirements.


BG&E Resources provides professional hydrological services and advice to the Resources Sector. We assist clients throughout the planning, design, construction, and operation of process and non-process infrastructure.

Process Engineering

At BG&E Resources, we are committed to delivering projects of bespoke design, focussing on cost optimisation and increasing circuit efficiencies.

We bring a proven track record of individuals with long term experience in flowsheet design,  commissioning, operations, hydrometallurgical test work and modelling experience.

With a growth and innovation mindset, BG&E Resources has been steadily growing the process team in the areas of SysCAD modelling, process control strategy design, and geochemistry to further enhance the level of understanding and support to a wide variety of circuits and to assist evaluation of alternative and innovative flowsheets.

Heavy Haul Rail

BG&E Resources have extensive expertise in the optimal engineering and design of rail infrastructure and facilities that minimise construction costs and maximise operability.

We integrate our multidisciplinary skills to provide high level engineering solutions to complex coastal marine issues faced by our rail clients. 

Cultural Heritage Management

We deliver lasting value to our clients and the surrounding communities where their projects are located.

As a leading multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, our clients trust in our abilities and look to us to optimise their projects and operational requirements.

We have proven expertise in strategic heritage planning, heritage protection and risk management delivering certainty and control over costs, schedules and delivery whilst ensuring excellent heritage outcomes.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Your trusted advisor in the journey to net zero, helping you balance ESG costs with healthy returns.

From mining, ports, marine and industrial projects to renewables –BG&E Resources delivers world-class advisory and engineering to help companies of all sizes manage stakeholder expectations on ESG risks, opportunities and disclosure to reach their net zero goals.

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