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BG&E Resources offers a range of permanent opportunities for graduates with degrees in Renewables and Engineering including Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Process and Geotechnical.

Making decisions can be quite challenging and stressful at times, especially as you weigh the impact it can have on your future.

You are often prompted to make decisions that put you in a box: “What do you want to do in the next five years?” or “Which field or industry do you see yourself working in?”

Not all of us have the answers.

At BG&E Resources, we understand that our graduates may not know where they want to be, or what they want to do today.

That’s why we will give you exposure to a variety of work as well as the tools and resources to help you make decisions on the most rewarding career pathway, when you’re ready.

Not sure which box to tick?

You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re interested in a technical or design engineering role, or you prefer being on-site as a Project Engineer, the possibilities to broaden your horizons are readily available for you at BG&E Resources.

Our flexible Graduate Program has been designed to help you find your calling and be exactly where you are supposed to be.

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Graduate Perspective

Our Graduate Development Program

Our program is designed to help you develop a strong foundation of relevant skills and experience through formal, interactive, and informal learning experiences, on-the-job exposure, project rotation across multidisciplines and on-site visits.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain a solid foundation in leveraging engineering and project delivery skills across the sectors.
  • Develop critical and design thinking methodologies in problem-solving.
  • Build a network and relationship with teammates, leaders, and technical experts across all our departments.
  • Be able to have an open mindset and ability to think outside the box and share new, innovative and diverse ideas.


  • Mentoring and coaching opportunities
  • Access to Learning and Develop Resources
  • A Structured Development Plan
  • Ability to participate in networking events.

If you are an unconventional thinker who is dedicated to making a positive impact and being an engaged and passionate team member, we encourage you to apply today. 

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