Our Vision for Reconciliation

Inspired by First Nations peoples and the important role that they play in uniting all Australians – our vision for reconciliation is to enable meaningful change by encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to inform the next steps in our collective national journey.

We want to learn from the generations of advocacy and action to help create an equitable society – free of racism and rich with opportunity. In the context of our business, that means providing First Nations peoples with opportunities to pursue education and employment in the fields of engineering, environmental science and drafting, as this will build trust and empower them to preserve their Country and contribute to their communities.

We believe that significant progress in reconciliation can only be made if Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples lead and all Australians contribute to a unified society.

BGER recognises the oldest living culture in the world and we are committed to achieving better outcomes in national reconciliation, including decreasing the conscious and unconscious bias that is experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Reconciliation Action Plan

United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

BGER acknowledge that the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the Declaration) is an international human rights framework that recognises and protects the unique and collective rights of Indigenous peoples across the world.

In the Australian context, this instrument relates to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s rights.

We continue to strive for best practices when engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, in alignment with the Declaration, BGER’s Human Rights Policy and Aboriginal Engagement and Participation Strategy, to inform our reconciliation endeavours.

‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’ Referendum

We are operating in one of Australia’s most important times in modern history, with respect to our cultural heritage.

The Nation is less than one month away from the ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’ Referendum (14 October 2023), and while this is sometimes considered a constitutional or legal process, irrespective of the outcome – the validity of the ‘Uluru Statement of the Heart’, remains undiminished.

Most importantly, we are mindful that this matter could have had/been having a negative impact on the mental health of Indigenous peoples in your community or organisation, so please demonstrate empathy and understanding.

BG&E Resources supports the ‘Statement of the Heart’ and the pursuit of ever-better relationships with Indigenous Australians through reconciliation processes, as is part of our responsibility to enable the healing of First Nations peoples.

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