At BG&E Resources, our supportive culture enables our team members to thrive by realising their personal and professional potential by working in an environment committed to nurturing innovation, collaboration and long-term relationships.

We respect the life stage of each of our team members as much as we value their expertise and unique skills. We have structured our workplace around flexibility and understanding to ensure our team yields as much out of life as they do from developing their capabilities and career.

We have cultivated a workplace that goes beyond the industry norms of employee empowerment and professional and personal development.

Employee Highlight

Energy Analyst

Julianne joined the team 7 months ago and assists our clients in reducing emissions on projects and putting NetZero in Design (NZiD) into practice.

“I am passionate about sustainability and the environment, so being able to participate in environmentally conscious engineering is extremely fulfilling.

I conduct Life Cycle Assessments to model the emissions of projects in the Resources Sector, from operational energy consumption to the amount of rubber used in building conveyors. I also conduct energy and techno-economic assessments to optimise operational energy and decarbonise operations by exploring green energy alternatives like solar, battery systems, hydrogen, and wind. In this role, I explore innovative ways to reduce environmental impacts from all aspects of a project, including Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

Currently, I am working on a refurbishment project for an iron ore facility that is at the end of its original design life. Rather than rebuilding the facility from the ground up, we are exploring ways to bring it back to life. There has already been some amazing collaborative work within BG&E Resources to assist our client reach NetZero and reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

The opportunity to collaborate with passionate clients in their environmental commitments while working in an industry leading team of likeminded scientists and engineers is hugely rewarding.

In the BG&E Resources team, I regularly make tangible and positive impacts to one of the most important issues of our time.”

Jules Bird
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