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BG&E Resources has a comprehensive understanding of the mining project life cycle. Our teams of mechanical, structural, electrical, civil, process, EIC, maritime and coastal engineers, together with our geologists, hydrologists, planners, physicists, scientists and digital engineering specialists, are passionate about helping clients to enhance their Brownfield projects and develop bankable Greenfield projects.

Drawing on decades of experience from across Australia and around the world, we specialise in fit-for-purpose engineering,  design, project delivery and advisory capabilities, as well as mine site infrastructure, process plants, rail systems, bridges, haul roads, ports and marine, non-process infrastructure, power systems, and water and wastewater solutions.

In 2022, we expanded our capabilities to help clients to decarbonise their operations and/or develop and deliver low-carbon projects.


Approximately 80% of BG&E Resources’ engineering services are in various brownfields designs. We regard brownfield design as one of our key strengths.

We pride ourselves on providing fit for purpose Brownfields specialist engineering services for operating mines in a predictable manner to the satisfaction of our clients.

BG&E Resources believes the key to undertaking brownfields projects is an appreciation that all projects are different, and that understanding the risks involved with undertaking the work will determine the strategies applied in delivering the project.

Plant upgrades, retrofits and equipment replacements are a fact of life across all industries, including mining. Successfully delivering sustaining capital and brownfields projects is a challenging proposition as the existing plant information may be unreliable or conflicting, the upgraded plant performance requirements can exceed the original design and the consequences of projects failing may result in extended shutdowns, cost blow outs and lost production.

In the delivery of brownfields work, BG&E Resources implements a target-ed risk and opportunity-based approach which we believe differentiates us from our competitors.

The information in the table above attempts to demonstrate how BG&E Resources approach design for critical brownfields and sustaining capital projects with the objective of minimizing risk in project delivery. Specific project examples where these approaches have been successfully applied have been provided.


We have a reputation for delivering solutions that deliver the required project requirements while minimising operational risks and whole of life costs.

BG&E Resources believes the key to undertaking greenfields projects is an ability to optimise layouts and flowsheets so as to reduce complexity of plant without reducing functionality.  An efficient greenfield solution should reduce ongoing risks, operational costs, complexity of maintenance tasks and allow ability for future expansion.

New plant infrastructure represents an opportunity to deliver a step change improvement to the business. Efficiently delivering major greenfields projects that fully deliver to their potential is a challenging proposition and BG&E Resources are experienced at ensuring optimal solutions are delivered in a cost effective and timely manner.

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