Meet Matt Green

Meet Matt Green, an Engineering Geologist who is completely fascinated with all things geology. He forms an integral part of our Geotechnical team at BGER, having recently been promoted from his graduate position in recognition of his hard work and dedication to the role.

Matt was drawn to the sector when he heard about the varying projects and everchanging landscapes that arise to refine your skills. Loving problem-solving and learning new things, combined with the heightened demand for geotechnical projects in the industry – Matt has found his calling with an exciting career ahead.

When explaining the impact that geology has on the project lifecycle, Matt says “Geology is crucial as it is the first key focus at the start of every project and there are many interesting projects on the horizon. Energy transition such as the creation of offshore wind farms and solar farms will have a big impact to play in the next five-to-ten years and it is certainly a space to watch.” He adds, “The challenges that projects like this present will require some intrinsic levels of problem-solving, both for the construction and transmission. I love the idea of being on a project like this and being out at sea for long periods.”

If Matt was advising his younger self, he’d say, “It’s important to learn from your mistakes and understand that you will never start a career knowing everything there is to know.” Reflecting on his time at BGER to date, Matt says that the best thing is the learning environment. He says, “I feel I am surrounded by people who are passionate and simply know what they are doing, which helps me in my pursuits of personal growth.” Matt is also a member of BGER’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group, supporting our vision for reconciliation across the resources, energy and industrial sectors in which we operate.

In his spare time, you’ll find Matt binging the Sopranos (for the third time), plus reading some fantasy fiction. He’s a big advocate for electronic music, often discovering new talent to listen to through Soundcloud. He’s an outdoor lover, often in the sun down at the local golf club or surfing with his dog, Oscar (pictured).

When choosing his favourite holiday destination, Matt picks Europe. “It’s my favourite place, I’ve been there about four-to-five times now each time for separate trips. I like the cities and I like the music.” His most recent trip was only in late 2023, when Matt had the opportunity to travel to Ireland – his first big trip post COVID.

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