Meet Caleb Tang

Meet Caleb Tang, one of our Lead Mechanical Engineers, who has always been interested in science, and the physical and natural world. When thinking about his pathway into Engineering, Caleb explains, “I started playing with tools and machinery from a young age, taking apart small single-cylinder engines and putting them back together again. It was a very organic transition to engineering, taking that curiosity and turning it into a profession.”

When looking at the impact engineering can have in the ESG space, Caleb says that he likes to be involved in projects that improve process efficiency. “Mining is a very energy-intensive process so we should try to maximise the recovery and improve the efficiency of process plant operations.” Caleb’s goal is to focus on simplifying engineering as much as possible to reduce the complexity of designs.

Throughout his career, Caleb’s most memorable milestone was when the Roy Hill WHIMS Expansion Project was awarded the Mine Project Success of the Year at the Australian Mining Prospects Award. Caleb says, “I was involved in the detailed design of that project, and it feels good to know that it was recognised by the industry as a success.”

Caleb has been with BG&E Resources for over four years, and he describes the culture as supportive, driven by passionate and engaged people. “This creates an environment that fosters curiosity and opportunity, but also rewards and recognises the contributions of its people.” When reflecting on advice he wishes he knew earlier in his career, Caleb says, “Don’t be afraid to make yourself heard – network with the industry, make connections, actively seek out opportunities, speak your mind, and throw ideas out there.”

In Caleb’s spare time, his superpower and biggest hobby are both centred around food, where he’s often in the kitchen cooking up a storm. He and his wife have also recently welcomed their second child, baby Cormac (pictured). When daydreaming about a holiday destination, Caleb chooses Taipei, Taiwan as his favourite. “Taiwan is very modern with great access to transport. You can enjoy the buzz of a busy metropolis and the serenity of the mountains within a short trip of each other. And of course, there is some excellent food to be had.”

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