Roy Hill Mine Services – Heavy Vehicle Workshop Structures


Roy Hill Mine, Western Australia


Roy Hill


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The Heavy Vehicle and Boiler Maker workshops have been designed for the service and maintenance of the Roy Hill mine fleet vehicles, which includes the world’s largest haul truck capacity fleet.

The Workshops structural steel superstructures house columns up to 25m high and weighing approximately 5 ton each capable of supporting the 70T overhead gantry crane loads. Pad footings were specially designed to accommodate the loads from each column ensuring minimal differential settlement with each of the workshop floor slabs being isolated from the footings and poured up 500m thick to accommodate the various jacking and operational wheel and track loads.

The workshops had to be designed to house and support a vast array of lubricant and pneumatic services and equipment while still providing ample workspace to maintain and inspect the mine fleet vehicles, including the CAT 797F vehicles. Furthermore the designed used a flexible geometry and practical layout, comprising of predominately bolted connections to allow for safe and efficient construction and maintenance while also allowing for the future expansion of the site as the demands of the Roy Hill mine increase. As a result the Heavy vehicle workshop has a total floor area of approximately 1100sqm requiring 4500m3 of concrete and over 500t of steel. The Boiler workshop had a total floor area of approximately 3000sqm requiring 1500m3 of Concrete and over 200t of steel.

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