ROM 4 Detailed Design


Pilbara, Western Australia


Roy Hill


+61 8 6375 9100

BG&E Resources are currently undertaking the detailed design of the ROM 4 crushing station 5 facility. The crushing is an evolution of the recently commissioned ROM 3 crushing station designed by BG&E Resources in 2020, this facility is currently processing ore at capacities well over the design nameplate.

The ROM 4 facility has an upgraded annual capacity of 34.1mtpa and has been designed to cater for larger haul trucks. Structurally, the ROM 4 facility design is based on similar integrated supporting structures to ROM 3 facility, however the design has been evolved to utilise modularised large “building blocks” similar to the ship building industry. The modules have designed to achieve compressed fabrication and construction programmes with a substantial reduction achieved in on-site man hours.