Mount Morgans Primary Crusher Vibration Assesment


Laverton, Western Australia


Dacian Gold


+61 8 6375 9100

Shortly after commissioning of the Mt Morgan’s Gold Mine, several failures of structural elements were identified at the crushing facility. BGER were engaged to undertake independent structural analysis and recommend remedial works required to mitigate risk of future damage. BGER worked with ALS who undertook on-site measurement to confirm high risk areas and provide Dacian Gold with a strategy to minimise risk of future damage without loss of production.

Our specialist engineers completed engineering and design for the brownfields crushing system structural remediation. Following the completion of the design to IFC stage, BGER’s project delivery team managed the works on behalf of the client both off-site and on-site including:

  • Estimating, planning, scheduling and procurement on behalf of the client.
  • Management of procurement.
  • Project Construction Managemnent of subcontractors during the execution phase.