HBI Pellet Plant FS


Port Hedland, Western Australia




+61 8 6375 9100


As a result of changing energy demands and net zero transitions, it is proposed that a new green steel precinct be established in Port Hedland to form part of this pathway for change.

The intent of the precinct is to provide a long-term hub for the development of downstream iron ore processing technology, supported by transition and green energy options. Posco supported by Posco E&C are proposing to develop a hot briquetted iron (HBI) and pellet processing plant as part of the transition to its net zero goal. The project known as “The Australia Green Steel” project involves the following; the HBI & Pellet processing plant is to be developed in phases.

With phase 1 plant design consisting of a 3.5Mtpa pellet plant and a 2Mtpa HBI plant and considers a range of aspects for future expansion and development flexibility, including direct export options for the pellet product.