Our People

At BG&E Resources, our supportive culture enables our team members to thrive by realising their personal and professional potential by working in an environment committed to nurturing innovation, collaboration and long-term relationships.

We respect the life stage of each of our team members as much as we value their expertise and unique skills. We have structured our workplace around flexibility and understanding to ensure our team yields as much out of life as they do from developing their capabilities and career.

We have cultivated a workplace that goes beyond the industry norms of employee empowerment and professional and personal development.

Employee Highlight

Discipline Lead – Mechanical

Andrea joined the team 2 years ago and recently shared her experience on employee empowerment at BGER.

“I was hired by BGER when I was 6 months pregnant.

Upon attending an interview in April 2021, my mind was cast back to before I graduated, being told by a fellow classmate that I would ultimately need to make a choice at some point in my life; progress with my career or become a mother. A clear indication from another’s “traditional” perspective, that I could not do both.

And yet, here I was, a walking contradiction, interviewing at 6 months pregnant with my second child with an undisguisable baby bump. Although there was an undeniable sense of daunt, I proceeded regardless – and I was hired.

It is inspiring to work with people like Joe Allen, that not only value working mums but endeavour to empower them.

BGER have always encouraged diversity of thought, an alternative way of thinking from the prescribed industry norms while creating a nurturing workplace that focuses on supporting professional and personal development.

I am filled with a sense of pride that I can be a role model to my children and feel blessed to work with such a motivating and progressive team.

I want to thank Joe and the team for presenting me with a unique opportunity and for their ongoing support.”

Andrea O’Brien