Our People

At BG&E Resources, our supportive culture enables our team members to thrive by realising their personal and professional potential by working in an environment committed to nurturing innovation, collaboration and long-term relationships.

We respect the life stage of each of our team members as much as we value their expertise and unique skills. We have structured our workplace around flexibility and understanding to ensure our team yields as much out of life as they do from developing their capabilities and career.

We have cultivated a workplace that goes beyond the industry norms of employee empowerment and professional and personal development.

Employee Highlight

Alex on site for the Roy Hill Zero Diesel Generator Study
Manager of Growth – Energy Innovation Specialist

Alex joined BGER in 2021 and has over 15 years’ experience in developing technology within the sustainable energy industry, which includes successfully establishing several companies within these sectors. Alex leads our #NetZero in Design (NZiD) approach which ensures energy costs and environmental impacts are optimised through the full life cycle of our projects.

“I am responsible for accelerating this exciting and challenging transition towards NetZero.”

“We are always on the lookout for ways to improve economic outcomes, reduce energy supply risk and help clients hit their NetZero targets. Our standardised methodology is backed by Life Cycle Assessment, which ensures our approach is quantifiable and repeatable in delivering meaningful results. As our process is aligned with international standards, we are able to achieve recognisable industry standards.”

“I love the fact that I get to work with highly motivated clients to accelerate their journey to hitting targets and riding the current pace of energy transition. Needing to get up to speed on new industries and client needs keeps me on my toes. Getting to apply years of energy knowledge and seeing the projects move from concept through to detailed design and delivery is very satisfying.”

– Alex Bruce

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