Meet Brendan Frichot

Meet Brendan Frichot, spent his early years pulling things apart and rebuilding them, including model cars, remote-control cars and the like.

Leveraging his technical ability and his passion for perfecting ‘how things work’, Brendan studied for his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at Curtin University, in Western Australia (WA). Once graduated, Brendan worked in various mechanical engineering roles before joining BG&E Resources (BGER) in December 2022.

Serving in the role of Senior Mechanical Engineer at BGER and reflecting on his decade-long career to date, one of the most memorable moments for Brendan was the opportunity to work on the Collins-class submarine, HMAS Waller.

He says, “I was the Lead Safety Investigator Engineer responsible for analysing the damage caused on the vessel by an onboard fire in 2021. Throughout this experience, I learnt a lot about engineering itself and my values as an engineer.”

Focused on the various skills that are required within the profession to succeed, Brendan expresses that being adaptable to a wide range of situations and problems is key. He says, “I consistently try to understand the client’s overall project goals which enable us to offer the best solution, which may not be what they have initially asked for.”

Brendan believes that engineers are best placed to offer and identify more sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact on our environment and transition to net zero. Brendan and his team provide value to clients by optimising designs for operability, maintainability, durability, and adaptability.

He says, “The best thing about working at BGER is the team and the culture. Everyone in the team works hard but they will always find the time to help each other learn and deliver.”

Brendan juggles his spare time across a range of interests, including photography, music production, machining and metalwork, and 3D printing to name a few. On his commute to the office, Brendan is usually listening to the Hamish and Andy podcast for a few laughs. When asked about his favourite travel destination, Brendan chooses Japan. He says, “One of my travel highlights was being part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a sake brewery in Japan after simply being in the right place at the right time.”

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