Meet the Industry Pop Up Event at the University of Western Australia

BG&E Resources (BGER) recently participated in the ‘Meet the Industry Pop-Up’ event at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

The event provides a platform for students interested in engineering and science to engage with industry leaders and learn about various career opportunities, including internships, vacation programs, and graduate roles.

The event was attended by over 160 students who had the opportunity to network and gain insights regarding available career paths. It was an exciting opportunity to connect with the next generation of problem solvers and showcase our offerings to students.

BGER offers a range of career opportunities for students pursuing careers in mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and process engineering, as well as geosciences.

Loui Drake is a Graduate Engineering Geologist and  an Alumnus of UWA, and he attended the pop-up event on behalf of BGER. After graduating, Loui worked as an exploration geologist for mine expansion projects. His technical skills have allowed him to build a solid foundation for his career in engineering, and he is a valued member of our Geotechnical team.

Charles Finlay is a Graduate Hydrologist who joined the business as an Undergraduate, and also represented BGER at the pop-up event. Before joining the Hydrology team, he contributed to the Geotechnical team with his skills in reporting, data handling, presentation, and soil and rock logging. Charles’ strong background in landscaping solutions, irrigation installation, and maintenance provides a unique perspective to the Hydrology team. He is also an alumnus of UWA. BGER encourages undergraduates to join our growing team and/or to pursue work experience with some of our dynamic peers. Both pathways would provide an engaging, supportive and interesting learning experience, as well as a preview into a potential future career in the rapidly evolving engineering and geosciences arenas.

Click on the link for more information about BGER’s 2024/25 Graduate Program: Accelerate Your Career

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