Meet James Hartley

Meet James Hartley, a Senior Mechanical Designer in BG&E Resources (BGER) Newcastle team, who has a natural curiosity for understanding how things work.

During his early years, James often designed and built his own creations, which naturally progressed into excelling in design and technology.

His career in mechanical design began soon after finishing high school. After being recognised for his talents during his final year, James was invited to join a cadet mechanical design program at an engineering consultancy.

On advising his younger self, James says “Always ask questions and don’t hesitate to put yourself out there.” This mindset led him to participate in an international program during his time at university, where he contributed to designing maintenance toolkits for newly constructed sanitation services in Nepal. “This experience had a profound impact on me as I saw firsthand the positive impact that design can have on people’s lives.”

Reflecting on his career to date, one of the most memorable moments for James was his work in attenuating mobile machinery. In this role, he designed custom radiators and mufflers to ensure that haul trucks and excavators comply with Environment Protection Authority (EPA) noise requirements. He says, “It was rewarding as each attenuation package was a unique design.”

James enjoys thinking ‘out of the box’ when developing designs, saying, “This allows me to contribute meaningfully to local and global infrastructure for both the communities and the clients I work with.”

When thinking about sustainable design, James says, “I strive to take tangible steps towards integrating sustainability into my designs.” He feels supported in this effort at BGER, saying, “The best thing about working at BGER is the opportunity for growth and having like-minded individuals working towards a common goal.”

In his spare time, you’ll find Jame’s spending time with his two young children watching movies or working on renovation projects at home. He is also an avid bicycle collector and skilful unicyclist.

When asked about his favourite holiday destination, James chooses Gloucester in New South Wales. He says, “My extended family owns a hobby vineyard on the river. It feels like a sanctuary to me, and we visit there frequently. My children enjoy spending time outdoors, playing in the river, kayaking, and fishing.”

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