Meet Fiona Kenyon

Meet Fiona Kenyon, a Senior Civil Engineer at BG&E Resources (BGER), who has a strong design background and the ability to apply her skills and knowledge to a broad range of projects.

From a young age, Fiona knew that Maths and Science were two of her strongest subjects. She graduated from the University of Ballarat with a Bachelor of Engineering and went on to pursue an Associate Degree in Public Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland.

Fiona’s career in civil engineering has spanned both the public and private sectors, where she worked in local government for over a decade before joining BGER. She says, “The environment at BGER is very enjoyable. I work with a team who are always supportive and willing to help.”

One of her most memorable career moments was refurbishing a century-old timber rail bridge for a walking trail. She explains, “The contractor was replacing piles as they would have done in the ‘old days’ using modern equipment instead of manual labour.”

When thinking about sustainability, Fiona says that she’s passionate about tree retention and finding innovative solutions to ensure the longevity of trees within public spaces.

Fiona is a wonderful role model for design, engineering, and project management professionals as she leverages her expertise to help clients and other stakeholders plan, develop and bring to market projects that make a positive impact on society, including within her local footprint of Mandurah, South of Perth.

To encourage the next generation of women to seek out careers in STEM, Fiona suggests, “Finding a mentor and/or a sponsor is a great way to start. They provide support throughout your career journey and an independent mind to bounce ideas off. I’m also an advocate of inclusive thinking and mentors have helped me to develop both my technical skills and consulting skills, and have elevated my ability to be a mentor to others.”

Outside of work, Fiona is a busy mother to two teenagers. Alongside her daughter, Fiona participates in teaching Karate. When taking a minute to herself, she enjoys reading, walking along the beach and watching reality TV, including MAFS and Survivor.

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