Proudly Supporting Inclusion at Work Week 2023

BG&E Resources (BGER) is proud to support the Diversity Council of Australia’s Inclusion at Work Week initiative from 6-10 November 2023.

This is an annual, week-long celebration across Australian workplaces. It encourages people to share their story on why diversity and inclusion is important to them and their organisation.

Bianca Taylor, our General Manager of People and Culture, says “We’ve all heard the saying ‘dance like no one is watching’, I want all our employees to feel that same sense of freedom to be their authentic selves at work.

“Having a diverse workforce is one thing, but ensuring our employees feel accepted is the true measure of success for me.”

Bianca is also the chair of BGER’s newly formed Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (IDE) Sub-Committee which includes Joe Allen (Director, Operations), Doug Tapper (Director, Energy), Gavin Wearne (Director, Ports and Marine), and Kate Hartness (Director, ESG).

At BGER, Acceptance First is the cornerstone of our approach to IDE. It is more than just tolerance; it is a recognition and appreciation of inclusion as a strength and an asset. And that begins with putting our people first.

We offer an inclusive workplace that unites diverse minds; where everyone is valued, respected, and supported, and where everyone belongs.

We strive for our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work, and for everyone to feel they can become the best, most authentic versions of themselves.

We are at our best when we welcome and celebrate different identities, ethnicities, talents, and perspectives. To leverage the benefits of our unique experiences, we empower our people to develop the skills to work collaboratively, contribute openly, and lead inclusively.


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