Meet Jol Godbold

Meet Jol Godbold, our Discipline Lead for Civil Engineering who has more than 20 years of civil engineering design, management, and delivery experience.

Jol has always had an interest in building things. He says, “My grandad was an engineer and I think I always took after him, even though I don’t remember him.” When starting your career Jol explains, “Don’t be embarrassed to admit you don’t know something. I’ve had a diverse career, and experience teaches you that it’s okay to ask for help or support from others.”

Throughout his career, Jol has had many memorable milestones, although the opportunity to present at an international conference in South Korea meant the most. Jol says, “I originally had imposter syndrome as I wasn’t sure why people would want to hear from me. I’m glad I pushed myself though, as these opportunities don’t come around too often and it was a great learning experience.”

Working in the civil engineering space often presents many challenges, although Jol believes the best part is his work’s positive impact on the community. Jol says “Often, the best outcome for the community is also the one that makes the most sense economically.” This also is due to the highly technical and competent team members at BGER, where Jol boasts, “I have a great team and the level of collaboration across disciplines is exceptional. We work well together which allows us to provide the most innovative and cost-effective solution to our clients.”

In his spare time, you’ll find Jol listening to the Sports Bizarre Podcast, spending time with his family or being active by swimming and surfing. He has discovered that he can hold his breath for quite a long time, a perk of always being in the water. Jol is a passionate traveller and has visited many countries. He says “The most amazing place I’ve ever been to is Antarctica (pictured), and the easiest bang for my buck close to home is Bali, specifically Uluwatu.”

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