Introducing Hugo Clement

Introducing Hugo Clement

Meet Hugo Clement, an Undergraduate Engineer from France, who has joined BG&E Resources in Perth for a 14-week internship.

Hugo explains that the education system in France is quite different compared to Australia, where University degrees are longer in duration and require a lot more practical elements. “My Engineering degree takes a minimum of five years to complete and requires compulsory practical internships to be undertaken in your 4th and 5th years of study.  I decided that for my 4th-year internship, I wanted to go abroad, as I have an open mind towards exploring other cultures and learning from others.”

Being from the West Coast of France, the sun and surf is the lifestyle that Hugo is familiar with, so he wanted to explore the rugged side of Australia and engineering in the mining industry was an obvious choice for him. Hugo explained, “Trying to get an internship in Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I started searching the depths of the internet and through my research and down the grapevine, I connected with @Sarah Hackney, one of the Talent Acquisition specialists at BG&E Resources. Next thing you know, I’m getting my visa and going to Australia.”

Hugo has been based in our Perth Atrium project office, working alongside our Structural Engineering team under the supervision of @Keith O’Connor, our Structural Discipline Lead. Hugo shares, “I’ve always known that Structural Engineering is my path, but this experience confirmed that. This internship is the highlight of my journey so far. Being able to travel abroad and get my first taste of professional working life is incredibly valuable.

“What I enjoyed the most about BG&E Resources is that I was considered and treated as an Engineer, working on actual projects, managing my own responsibilities, and being involved with the team, which I know is not the case in many other internships. I really had the trust of the team, and it was an excellent learning journey for me, allowing me to develop my skills in a short amount of time.” 

When reflecting on his choice of structural engineering as a stream, Hugo says “There are so many different projects and scopes that you get exposed to which are all so different, and you do feel proud when you see a project get closed off that you were actively involved in. If you’re a passionate engineer, you can make a positive impact on the future. After all, we are designing the world of tomorrow, so it’s important to be involved where we can.”

Looking forward to the next step in his development, Hugo is shortly heading back to France, where in September he will continue his university studies before commencing a 6-month semester abroad in Milan, Italy for his final internship before graduation.

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